OK! I've wasted enough time on 2 waste of spaces.

Still playing the victim I see. You have NEVER been the victim, always the cause.

The only disappointing thing for me is that you 2 have split up. You were perfectly suited to each other. You both cheated like it was normal and I could tell when either of you were lying as your mouths were moving.

Anyway time to concentrate on what I should be concentrating on.


My heath is not good at the moment so it's time to get it sorted and get back on track.

I'm so close to being the person I should be I just need to sort my health and then the bit that scares the shit out of me but I'll get there.

Where has my site gone? Well for now I have moved a fully uncensored version onto the Dark Web the address ends in .onion, good luck in finding it. I will put it back at some point soon.